Wiffle Ball For Brains

We all live in our own little cocoons, viewing the world through a tiny pinhole based on our own life experiences. It is easy to judge ourselves based on assumptions about what others might think or feel. It is also easy to judge others because with one little hole in the bubble of our life how much can we really see?

I want to turn my bubble into a wiffle ball. I want to have lots of holes through which I can take in as much information as possible. I want to see life from as many vantage points as possible. I want to ponder what it might be like to experience the world through a different lens. I find when I open my mind to the experiences of others my empathy grows and a new hole has opened up in my mind.

It is going to be a challenging week: political unrest, name calling and finger pointing (by people on BOTH sides of the debate) will be enough to try everyone’s patience. I will not be watching the news. Confrontation upsets my stomach and spirit.

Instead I will be reading, praying, spending time with friends, knitting and writing. I plan to work around my house and check off some things on my to do list. I can’t control what is happening in Washington and New York this week but I can control what I allow into my life. This is part of my self care routine.

Won’t you join me? Take a deep breath and do something to take care of yourself. Maybe step back and poke a few holes in your bubble. You might be surprised at what you see.

Thoughtfully Yours,





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