It Is Monday….Again

I’m not sure what is happening in my life, but I just can’t seem to get it together. What is worse is that I have been floundering in this same position for many years. The precious moments that I have lost are too numerous to count. Maybe Monday is the day I should be posting from now on. A fresh start for a new week. That is my new plan.

From This Day Forward

I am sixty five years old. How many more days do I have left? At least one fewer than I had yesterday that’s for sure! As is my habit, I take these things to God in prayer. Bless his heart…he has heard me moan, groan and ask the same questions year and year out for decades (at least that is how it feels to me) and yet he is always there when I need him. Never admonishing simply giving me the same or similar answers every time. Wait. Take care of today. Don’t worry. Don’t be afraid.

That’s the thing with God. He is bigger than all of our perceived problems; he has it all under control. And this is where we humans get so mixed up. God is neither a puppet master pulling strings and making us dance at his whim; nor is he a ruthless authoritarian just waiting to rain down punishment on the heads of disobedient children.

God is Love

God is pure love. A love so pure that we cannot comprehend it with our finite human brains. He loves us deeply and everything he does is to draw us closer into a relationship with him. How much bigger of a sacrifice could be made than creating and sending your divine essence in human form to earth to live and die as a sacrifice for all humanity? It is beyond my comprehension and yet that is what God did. That is who Jesus was.

And so here I sit. I’m at my desk in my home in a quiet suburb of Houston, Texas and all I can think about is why this isn’t good enough and how I want something different. I want to live somewhere different. I, I, I…notice it is all about me? That is the voice of a Godless world telling me that I should be the focus. God’s viewpoint is completely opposite.

Taking care of oneself is certainly vital, however we shouldn’t always be the star of of our own life. Jesus is the star. The bright shining light that guides all of us closer to God. We no longer need an intermediary; we can go straight to God because Jesus’s sacrifice made that possible once and for all.

And so, I know that no matter how many times I feel I am whining and complaining, God will still love me, listen, and in due time, answer. I never have to fear being alone or lost as long as I stay close to God and take life one day at a time.


We are coming up on Holy Week. From Palm Sunday – the remembrance of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem prior to his crucifixion – to Easter Sunday, the day Jesus physically rose from the dead, Christians around the world will be worshiping and celebrating.

As much as I love Christmas, this is my sacred time of year. I look forward with anticipation to all the emotions that come with Easter. The grief and sorrow that ends in jubilant celebration and praise. This is the ebb and flow of life. We can’t really know one without the other. As much as we would all love a life free of pain and sorrow, that is not the reality. The best we can do is weather one and celebrate the other all while trusting that in the end, the God of love and mercy is right there by our side.

Peace and Love to all this week,





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