The Beginning of My Journey

We’ve made it to Friday! What a week this has been. I feel so motivated, so thankful, so sure I am stepping out in faith and the results are not my own. I am simply a tool.

I learned that writing about stuff other than my relationship and life with God always falls flat. I can do it. But it is painful. Anyone who has worked “in the zone” knows exactly what I am talking about. I simply cannot spend my precious time on earth doing anything other than what God has created me and equipped me to do. The joy I feel after writing this series of posts is indescribable. I want everyone to know how it feels to work with God for the good of everyone. We all have different abilities. No one person can do the same thing as someone else. This is my thing. From this day forward I will write from the perspective of a Jesus loving woman doing what she can.

Stories from everyday life, stories from the Bible, stories about others who are doing God’s work without seeking fame, fortune or an ever growing church building and budget. I don’t know what all I will write about because I know God is going to show me things and fill me with the burning desire to tell certain stories. I know I am up for the job. I am clay in his hands and everything God makes is good and perfect.

I sincerely hope that if you have followed my journey so far you will continue to follow as I continue to see where God leads me.

Have a wonderful weekend…you are loved.








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