Me, Write About Jesus?

Could God really be serious? Me, write about him? I’m not a theologian, I didn’t even go to college. I’m constantly second guessing my writing ability and the proper use of a comma. I just keep writing.

One of my favorite Old Testament stories was when Moses had the nerve to argue with God about being the messenger God needed in that moment. I’ve often wondered who would have the audacity to tell God no. Well, I no longer have to wonder. I have been wandering away from the path God has carved out for me for more years than I have been on it. I am a flawed human, what do I have to offer?

Only God knows that answer for sure; my job is to trust him more than myself and each day get up and do what I’m given to do. Is it going to be easy? Not even a little bit. Will it be the most exciting and satisfactory time in my life? Absolutely! Though I will be using examples from my life, I am not writing to tell the world about me. I am using myself as an example of what is possible when living like Jesus is the priority and goal of every single day. I know that this is going to lead me to places and experiences that will be new, uncomfortable, and I will believe myself to be ill equipped for the task. It is in those moments that Jesus will shine through me. That is my purpose and goal. I have proven that in and of myself, my accomplishments are temporary at best. But with Jesus as my role model and God guiding my steps, my meager efforts can bear eternal benefits.

Until tomorrow, be thoughtful, be generous, be kind.








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