Well, Hello There…2024?

For some very strange reason, whenever I have tried to write 2023, I automatically write 2024. I am not sure what this means, if anything, but it is beginning to worry me. I worry easily so this is familiar territory.

In my mind I create all kinds of reasons why my subconscious wants to skip over 2023. Those reasons are never good. All these troubling thoughts are recorded in my morning pages – stream of consciousness writing I do every day – in the hopes that the mere action of writing them removes them from my thoughts so that I can move forward. So far it hasn’t worked. I really did type 2024 in the title. I considered changing the title then decided this was something worth exploring.

Look Forward Not Back

Reflecting back on past events generally, no, always creates a morbid melancholy in my spirit. I don’t seem to be able to remember past events through the rose colored glasses others seem to use so effectively. The truth is that no past is perfect; however, if all this backward view produces is sadness and regret then I say, “Look forward and keep moving.”

The commitment I made to myself and God to focus on writing in 2023 is important to me. There is much I can learn about myself and the craft of writing by slowing down to really learn the tools of the trade, so to speak. Whatever comes from this year of the word, the most important goal is to learn and grow as a person. We all should strive to be better people. The hard times are only useful if we actually spend time digesting the who, what, when, where, why and how these things happened in order to become stronger and wiser.

There are many things about the world today that breaks my heart. I can’t change most of them but I can write about them; I can do what is possible in my small corner of the world and pray for God’s mercy and grace.

Focus On Today

While I believe in looking forward rather than back, we must live in the present. Today is all we have. If you woke up this morning, then you have a day full of possibilities. Tomorrow is never promised. This is a difficult mindset, particularly in our fast paced technology driven world. I am thankful every morning when I open my eyes and have a fresh opportunity to do this thing called life.

Just like dwelling on the past causes me to be sad, so does an over focus on the future. The future is out of my control. I certainly can do things and make decisions that will affect my future, but, really….it is just about today. What can I do today to make my life and the the lives of those around me just a little better? Clean house is generally at the top of that list – insert eye roll here.

Hobbies and Learning

It is vital to keep our brains active. My brain is a never-ending roller coaster ride. I exhaust myself, I can’t imagine how my family and friends feel sometimes. I love to research odd topics. Just yesterday, while was reading about the history of socks (seriously, who else do you know spends time researching sock history?), I discovered that the oldest pair of socks in existence is on display in the Victoria and Albert museum in London.

This museum is already on my must visit list for London, so this discovery ignites my travel desires to full blast. What other crazy sock destinations can I find in England, Scotland and Ireland? I sense the emergence of new research topic to occupy my free time.

Why socks? I am a sock knitter. I wrote about socks in this post if you’re interested. These much ignored but vital little feet cozies have fascinated me for years. At first it was simply the cute designs and the fun of wearing them. Once I learned to knit them and understood the structure and all that goes into making a good sock, I have been smitten. For me, 2023 is also going to be the year of the sock. Get ready. You may be running to a local yarn shop (best) or the internet to learn to knit these mighty little foot warriors for yourself.

What Are Your Goals For 2023?

As we enter a new year, full of possibilities as well as known struggles and the things left unfinished from 2022, I wish you days filled with peace and love. Even in the midst of the fires of life there are moments of joy. I wish for your life to be guided by kindness and the golden rule. I not only wish, I pray for these things in all our lives and in the world. There are several song lyrics running through my head right now, but the one that stands out is Try A Little Kindness by Glen Campbell. You can click on the link to watch the You Tube video. Here is the chorus of that song.

You got to try a little kindness
Yes, show a little kindness
Just shine your light for everyone to see
And if you try a little kindness
Then you’ll overlook the blindness
Of narrow-minded people on the narrow-minded streets

Source: Musixmatch Songwriters: Bobby Austin / Curt Sapaugh Try A Little Kindness lyrics © Beechwood Music Corporation, Glen Campbell Music Inc

Until next time…keep it kind.








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