Putting The Self Back Into Self Care

One of the hardest things for a nurturer to do on a consistent basis is care for themselves. I am one of the worst. I meet everyone else’s needs long before I consider my own. This behavior leads to burn out, frustration, as well as a mind and body that don’t look or feel their best. I want to do better in 2023.

I turn 65 in six weeks. This is a milestone I am not taking lightly. I have basically just lived and let live, but now know I must be more proactive to be able to live the life I want to live for as long as possible. I am basically lazy. It isn’t the most flattering of admissions, but it is the truth. Unless I have no choice, I will not make a change in my lifestyle.

Fuel Not Entertainment

Since healthy living is a priority for me in 2023, a planned meal service such as Hello Fresh just seemed to be the answer to my meal dilemmas. I enjoy cooking and eating, but I do not enjoy meal planning. Our meals have devolved to the easiest thing I can make while keeping my meat and potatoes husband happy. This path of least resistance is not an ideal lifestyle for overall good health and enjoyment of food. Both are important to me.

Thursdays have become food delivery day. Last month I signed up for Hello Fresh and have fallen in love with having menus decided and portions controlled. No left overs and no buying exotic or expensive ingredients for one meal. This system suits me perfectly. The subscription requires the purchase of at least two meals per week. Generally I order no more than three and then fill in the rest of the days with regular grocery store items. I buy the servings for two people, and if it is just for me I have leftovers for the next day.

My food cravings have been taking an interesting turn in the past few years. Cold weather means I crave hearty ancient grains, roasted vegetables and a fried egg on top of most anything. In warmer months, salads with a protein are my go to meals. I only eat twice a day and I want them to eat things that taste good, make me feel good as well as nourish my body. And for now, Hello Fresh is great for trying different foods and recipes.

Move It, Move It, Move It


Sargent Carter on the old Gomer Pyle television show used to shout “Move it, move it, move it!” to the hapless Private Pyle as he was marching. That is my other mantra for the year. I am not an athlete. There are very few physical activities that I enjoy. However, I am noticing I am more stiff and achy lately and I attribute that to my sedentary lifestyle and age. Stretching, walking, and just moving more during my day will all contribute to a greater sense of well being and overall health. I can put one foot in front the other, so walking is a natural choice. My plan is to walk by myself at least three times a week and take my dogs for a walk three times and rest on Sunday. One more item for the bullet journal.

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