Dandelion Days Are Here To Stay

Dandelion days is something recently re-discovered while reading an old Bloom County cartoon. For those who have not followed the adventures of Opus and the full cast of characters in Bloom County, let me share about dandelion days.

Opus, a penguin, gets fearful and stressed. When that happens he finds a field of dandelions – an inherently happy plant that morphs from pretty yellow flower to a puff ball of seeds waiting to be released – he sits in the middle of it picking dandelions and blowing on the puff ball. He might also do the picking off of petals while making a wish or the “he/she loves me, he/she loves me not” game we played as children. Either way the dandelions bring him peace and happiness.

I thought I should give you the background as to why dandelions are so important to me. As some things have changed or ended since I originally published the post, I have edited out or added information accordingly. Enjoy!

Inspired By Dandelions

Life is an ever evolving cycle of change. Nothing stays the same no matter how hard we try or how desperately we wish to freeze frame a moment in time. To fight against change is to miss the beauty of this naturally cyclical thing we call life.

A dandelion’s life purpose is to sow seeds to the wind so that new little seedlings can be brought to life. This is how I see myself. Like a dandelion with a head full of little seeds ready to be set free.

Seasons of Life

Each season of life has its own purpose, tasks to accomplish before moving forward. It is a rich and complex subject that deserves time to properly digest and dissect. I am finally coming to grips with the fact that I am entering a new season of my life. I have actually been traveling this road for the past four years; now at the door I have the choice to stand and knock or open it and walk through to what waits for me on the other side. Standing motionless is safe but does nothing to help me or anyone else. So, I really have only one option – open the door and boldly walk into whatever it is God has for me on the other side.

Update: I did not follow through. I became distracted and fell back into old habits. They are so hard to permanently discard. I have grown and changed since July, 2021 and am now ready to step into my life as a writer.

Gathering and Dispersing

In the past few months something has been happening in my heart and mind. I am suddenly seeing things in the world through a new lens; a softer and gentler lens. I won’t delve too deeply into this today but I will say that it has taken me by surprise. As I have been open to these thoughts and allowed them to penetrate any barriers that rise due to the discomfort of new things, I am feeling my way along a new path. A path I believe God is leading me one step at a time.

This morning I read an excerpt from a book called “Falling Upward” by Fr Richard Rohr. In this book, Fr Rohr discusses the spiritual and life purposes in the two halves of life. I believe that I am in preparation for my second phase of life: the giving away or dispersing of what I have learned in the first phase.


Whatever it is I am to do with the wisdom I have gained, is unknown. I am less worried about the what than the preparation. My heart is softening. I am reading and growing in knowledge. I am practicing spiritual disciplines to connect more deeply with God to be sure I am traveling on the best path for his purpose in my life.

Update: My initial posts on this blog explain where I am going and how I know it. After I wrote this, I remained in training and am just now ready. I also now know that the way forward is through writing. Whether this writing is here or for traditional publication, I have discovered how I will give away what I have learned.

I choose to think of my writings here as seedlings. Little bits of information that I send out into the world to take hold if and when they are needed. That is my hope and prayer for every post. Since seedlings represent growth and new life what you will find here are just little nuggets of wisdom and goodness designed to lift up and never tear down. There is enough pain and suffering in the world. My desire is to apply a soothing balm on a hurting humanity. I trust God to guide and direct the writing and the reading of everything on this little blog.

Update: My blog will always be a place of love and goodness. The writing might not always be a personal essay to uplift. I want to write many different kinds of things, but one thing that will not change is my purpose is to bring joy and happiness seasoned with the wisdom of my life experiences. I feel a calling to a particular audience and that is a natural continuation of everything I have done in my life. I have devoted my life to working with and helping children; whether my own, my grandchildren or the numerous children I helped as a nurse, and in the classroom, children are my passion. They are our future and they deserve our very best.

If you have made it this far, thank you. If what I have said has spoken to you, then I hope you will follow along. Either way, thank you for reading.







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