A Robin in Winter and Other Things of Beauty

Every morning I sit at my desk and work through my routine.

Drink coffee.

Write my morning pages (a creative activity from The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron).

Light a candle and get quiet with God.

From this point forward, my activity varies with the plans for the day. The only other constant is my windowsill companion.

Nipsey is an indoor cat with all the hunting instincts of his wild ancestors. He sits, motionless, watching birds on the near empty branches of the crepe myrtle trees or as they hop along the edge of the fence looking for a tasty morsel or two. Occasionally his little bottom wiggles with the anticipation of a possible leap that can never happen.

Today, a pair of cardinals – male and female – played nice with a young woodpecker, several sparrows and a very small gray-brown bird, that, after some research, I have determined to be a female house finch.

Today was a peaceful day in the bird world. No blue jays or mockingbirds flying in to chase off the smaller, passive birds. Everyone got a snack and played well together. I love birds. My goal is to have a backyard haven for songbirds and hummingbirds. Right now the yard is just one big patch of St. Augustine grass – considered a weed in most places, this variety of grass is rugged and tolerates the climate in this part of Texas. Only the tough survive our heat and humidity.

As I finished writing that sentence, in my peripheral vision, I caught a brief flash of red moving outside the window . I looked up, just in time, to see a large robin sitting on a branch. And then it was gone.

I always find some kind of life lesson in these moments. This is no exception. Everything in life is fleeting – youth, relationships, smooth skin, good vision and hearing, and life itself. The things that bring joy and meaning should be treasured as they don’t last forever. Whatever that means to you, I hope you catch a glimpse and enjoy before it flies away.

Until Tomorrow…look outside yourself,







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