Dream Life

My New Normal?

As I think about making a life, this is not what I have in mind. Yet, where I live this is becoming the norm. Open land and grazing cattle are pushed aside for more freeway over passes. Once lovely neighborhoods are now tear down zones because the land is more valuable than the home.

New master planned subdivisions obliterate the landscape while they try to imitate everything from farm life to European villages. They both feel fake, plastic and inauthentic. If you live in one of these neighborhoods, please understand I don’t judge you. I am just ready for something different.

My neighborhood is over forty years old and used to be a tiny island tucked into farm and ranch land. I am sure folks complained about its development at the time. I have lived here thirty two years and now when I leave I am surrounded by all the things I thought I wanted. In this season of life my priorities have changed. We could stay and settle for the status quo, or we could make a change.

Praying For The Future

As I dream and pray, I am adamant that I do not want to throw caution to the wind and change just for the sake of change. It has to be the right time and place. The decision has to benefit both of us individually and as a couple. This is where prayer comes into the equation. We believe that God will open the door and unite our hearts. I envision the life I dream of as I pray.

So What Do I Want?

I want to live in a small town. It is important to me to be part of a community, to wake up to clean air and the sounds of nature. I want a different life. I want to choose a home with my husband (we live in the house he built in a previous life). I want us to create a life for ourselves; a life where we welcome friends and family. A life filled with lots of the things we love and as little of the rest as possible. This is the current season of our life.

Heading Home

As I fought the traffic and wove my way back to the familiar streets and landmarks of home, I decided to stop for lunch. Instead of driving through a burger joint I stopped at a locally owned restaurant and enjoyed a leisurely meal. It was a little gift to myself.

Old 300 Diner in Richmond, Texas

I don’t currently live where I dream of living. I might never get there. But as I learn to make the life I want, one of the keys is contentment where I am while always looking forward.

May you find contentment in your day.


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