Wowza Wednesday #1

I had a topic. Then I changed my mind. I’m saving that idea for next week.

As I sit transfixed on the weather reports waiting to see if I’ll be sleeping through another hurricane tonight, the concept of what is Wowza Wednesday worthy has become a little clearer.

To qualify, the subject just has to make me say “Wow.” I’m fairly easy to impress. What wows me might baffle you. That’s ok. If my little wow moments makes just one person look at life through a new lens, then I have made a difference.

Crushed Ice

It seems like an ordinary and mundane item. To others it is something that only comes into their consciousness when filling their cup at a vending machine or fast food restaurant – Sonic ice lovers get it.

We recently replaced our kitchen appliances. Slowly over many years, one by one they started failing. As each convenience stopped working, we just made do. One of those conveniences was the ice maker. For a very long time we returned to old fashioned ice trays to have iced beverages. It was ok. We just adapted and kept going. Isn’t that what we do in life? It is a survival technique. Nothing heroic.

Crushed ice on demand.

But now…we have a brand new refrigerator that not only dispenses delicious cold water but makes ice…fabulous crushed ice. This is not something I take for granted. It is a luxury for which I am completely thankful has returned to my life.

Each time I get a glass of ice I am a little amazed and thankful. I realize there are so many people who do not have access to clean water much less a crushed ice dispenser in their home. So I say thank you to God for the life I have been given and then I enjoy my cold beverage.

In every day there are experiences that can either be overlooked as ordinary or celebrated as an amazing gift. Enjoy and be thankful. It’s a great recipe for a contented life.

What wows you? Let me know!


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