Nope, It’s Not Wednesday Yet

I got so used to writing everyday that I can’t ignore the call of the computer. No theme today, just some randomness. Which is, after all, my strength.

Life On The Gulf Coast

I made this piece of weaving a few months ago using a photograph I took on an area of the Texas coastline that is currently under mandatory evacuation in anticipation that hurricane Laura making landfall in the next day or so. Living near the coast of Texas means that half the year is spent watching and planning for the possibility of a hurricane. Three years ago today hurricane Harvey made landfall in Rockport, Texas. Harvey then spent the next few days moving north along the coast saturating the area with peak rain accumulation of 60 inches. This is a very different kind of storm.

Laura is a fast moving storm. Wind not water will be the issue with Laura. wind seems scarier to me than water even though more people die from drowning than from wind issues.

So, today I will be preparing for the possibility of a storm. Tomorrow I will have a Wowza story for you. We just might need a little dose of fun before the storm.

Happy Tuesday to all.

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