Be Prepared

My Brain Makes Me Dizzy

I have written before about my propensity to make things as well as my seemingly incurable need to create a business around whatever it is I am making at the time. This never ending cycle has had a profound impact on my brain, impulse control, and most importantly my ability to create for the pure joy of creating. And, for the record, I also blame my phone addiction for some of the constant brain activity. I start my day device free and am working on less dependency. Mental business is a toxic condition that squelches my artistic soul

One of the ways this hamster wheel thought process manifests itself is the need to be entertained while traveling. It is a joke in knitting circles that we decide on projects and pack our knitting long before we have checked the weather to pack appropriate clothing. It is a perceived tragedy to be on a trip with a project that does not excite.

Let Me Entertain You

Last week we traveled for the first time since the onset of Covid 19. It was a short three day business trip. I accompanied my husband since I am technically an employee, plus I really needed a change of scenery. Like all good knitters, crocheters, etc., my projects received primary consideration. Two of the days were spent traveling and I planned on spending one day in the hotel, just relaxing and making. Since I had no idea what I would feel like working on I planned for all possibilities.

My version of entertainment.

In that bag I managed to pack 2 knitting projects, 1 crochet, 3 small weaving looms with yarn, 1 spindle with fiber for spinning yarn, and my journal and watercolors. I sat on the bed in a state of inertia. Too many choices. I didn’t know what to do. So I did nothing. I finally went in the other room – we had a suite – and crocheted a dishcloth while watching another episode of Morse on BritBox. Frustrated with myself I at least realized there is a lesson in all this madness.

  1. Less is more.
  2. Enjoy the project whatever it is.
  3. Not every moment must be filled with activity.
  4. Focus on what is in my hands at the moment.

Next Monday I will share what I ended up doing with the rest of my day. I’ll be back on Wednesday with something fun on Wowza Wednesday. Until then…

Peace & Love

1 thought on “Be Prepared”

  1. […] It has famously been said “Necessity is the mother of invention.” I believe that also applies to art. In fact, in the case of most creative endeavors, necessity is a fundamental part of the process. I am suffering from the exact opposite problem. Rather than necessity I am in a state of excess. The excessive amount of yarn and wool do not inspire me to create. At this moment I feel suffocated by the amount of stuff I own and am unable to properly store and use. More on this another day, but for now it is this exact problem that I created for myself on my recent three day trip. You can read that post here. […]


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