Covid-19 Transformation

None of us will ever be the same. The introduction of Covid-19 and the subsequent social isolation will have a lasting effect on us all. Not all of the effects are bad. I think if we use this time constructively the life we lead on the other side will have more depth, more meaning, with a clearer focus on what is truly important.

I read about folks talking about the things they have accomplished since all this began…purging and cleaning, home renovation, personal growth and development, weight loss, new crafts and hobbies, and the list goes on. I sat back and wondered what happened to me? I began to think I had just sat in my pj’s for five months watching British tv shows in an attempt to escape the pandemonium.

Then, through quietness and prayer, I began to see the transformation results. God has been working on me for three years, yet I continued to cling to the old ways; I kept trying to do something that had proven to not be consistent with my soul. But I kept telling myself success is just right around the corner. “Just do this and you will have the success and the recognition you seek.” I believed the lie.

I now understand that I loved the excitement of the beginning a business but hated the ongoing work. It runs contrary to my nature to merely hustle for money. I am not a natural business woman. I am hard wired to create, help, teach and serve. Sales for sake of sales just feels inauthentic for me.

My husband is a salesman…a true peddler. He can sell most anything because the thrill of the sale is his life blood. That is how he is hard wired. He is very good at what he does. In 2020 he was laid off with a six month severance and two months later got another job. This job is enabling him, at 72, to make more money than he ever has in his life. It is absolutely a gift from God. I won’t expound on that more now, but so many things had to happen for this opportunity to come his way. We are grateful each and every day for the generous provision.

The visible Covid-19 transformation is underway. I am taking down websites, giving away materials (it feels so good to bless others as I have been blessed), donating what can be donated. In short I am paring down to the core of who and what I was created to be. I will make things of beauty for my home. I will share how I do what I do and why I do those things. I will offer some items for sale but not in the way I was doing before. There is more that will happen but it is too soon to reveal those things. My life will be simple and purposeful.

I have explained all this to explain the change in the blog. It has been nine days since my last post and during that time much of this revelation was happening. When I began the blog I was feeling marginalized, forgotten, inconsequential due to the social issues that arose after the death of George Floyd. Thus the name: Old Woman Blues. God gently showed me that my relevance does not come from the things that I do but rather who I am and in whom I place my trust. This is where my peace comes from and how I have found this clear path.

This blog, now entitled Sheryl Makes A Life will be published three times a week.

Mondays will be about making – making things for my home, making food, making time for what matters, making clothes, making yarn or making art – I will explore who I am as I believe we are all “created to create.”

On Wowza Wednesdays I will share something amazingly cool, fun, inspiring, or just interesting. I will be looking outside to the world around me for these posts. I took my inspiration for this idea from one of my favorite blogs, My OBT.

Finally, Faithful Fridays. Like this post, I will discuss the my experiences in the intersection of faith and life and how I survive the insanity of modern life.

So there you have it. We all have the opportunity to make the life we desire. Sometimes the life we think we want is not the life we are meant to live. It took me over three years to listen to that inner voice. God allows us free will. I just had to stop doing long enough to hear clearly and then have the courage to step out in faith and let go.

Blessing to all and I’ll see you back here Monday.

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