Friday Fun Day

We made it! Another week is in the books. I hope it was a good week for you. For me it was a week of highs and lows, good and not so good, productivity and procrastination. In other words…a normal week in 2020.

My Reward

This time last week I didn’t write because my body and brain were working in warp speed overdrive to get ready for my Facebook live presentation for the Virtual Yellow Rose Fiber Festival. I neglected most everything else that day except work. When it was all over at 1:00 pm on Saturday afternoon I took a portion of my sales to buy myself a new tool. A tool I have been wanting for a very long time. It just so happens that the person who made the tool was also participating in a virtual fiber event in New Hampshire. I have followed his work on social media and longed to add his work to my small little arsenal of tools. I believe in supporting other artists and makers whenever possible.

This is a two toned support spindle hand made by Stephen Willette

This is not my first support spindle. I bought one for my sixtieth birthday; however, despite its beautiful craftsmanship, it was not a great spindle for a beginner in this technique. My new spindle is longer and heavier. I was successful from the moment I first flicked the tip to get it spinning.

I made yarn! If you are curious how this works, this video is a good example without too much technical information.

The shaft is maple, the tip is morado, the result is stunning. The craftsmanship that goes into making such a perfectly weighted and balanced tool boggles my imagination. You might be wondering why I have the tip of the spindle in a bowl. This type of spindle is supported while it rotates. The bowl sits next to me and provides a smooth surface for the tip to turn. The process involves introducing twist into the fiber then stopping to wind this new yarn onto the spindle then continuing the process.

Why Make Yarn When You Can Buy It?

I spin yarn because the process is satisfying and I know I am creating something that no one else can duplicate. I make yarn because I love it. I make yarn because I can. My spinning focus is changing. I am not doing it as much as part of a business model, although some of my yarn will be for sale, but rather as the first step in planning a project. The planning of a big project is as satisfying and fun as the actual execution of the project itself.

Hand spun yarn is so beautiful all by itself, or when crocheted, knitted or woven.

Not everyone appreciates the unique qualities of hand spun yarn. It isn’t perfectly smooth—I am not a machine. It is more expensive to buy than commercial yarns. There is an art to the craft of hand spinning. Buying hand spun yarn is comparable to purchasing art. Art feeds the soul and brings joy into one’s life. In addition, sheep are more expensive to raise and care for than using man made, petroleum based chemicals to make “yarn.” Yes, I have very strong opinions on the subject of natural fibers vs acrylic and nylon. But this is not the time. Today is a fun day.

Weekend Plans

It is going to be hot and dry this weekend. I, however, will be cool and comfortable as I stay indoors making yarn, watching television shows set in cold climates (BritBox & Acorn are my streaming apps of choice) and dream of one day seeing some of those places in person.

My wish for you is a weekend filled with whatever brings you joy and rest. Until Monday….

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