Today is July 20, 2020, a day we have been anticipating for six weeks. It was supposed to be an exciting day; the beginning of the transformation of our thirty five year old kitchen. In all fairness, it doesn’t look exactly the same as it did when the house was first built, but it is very dated.

Safe food storage is a convenience to which I have been accustomed.

Our first step was to purchase appliances. While this isn’t where most people begin, almost every appliance is either no longer working or on its last leg. The refrigerator is the main issue. I can’t store food for more than a few days. I’m tired of throwing food away.

Due to the virus, lockdown, and supply chain issues, we paid our money and came home to wait six weeks. On Friday I received an email telling me that the delivery is now delayed another three weeks. To say we are disappointed is a minor understatement. The problem would be the same no matter where we made the purchase. It is just another side effect of modern life.

As is often the way with life, once I look past the circumstances there is something to be learned; a different path, new opportunities, something not of my design but of God’s. If I am still and let him guide us, no matter what happens there will be peace and purpose.

That’s all for today. Until tomorrow may His peace, the peace that passes all understanding, be yours….

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