Society of Small Business Owners

Warning…this post will touch on current events and my personal opinion on the state of Covid 19 management and the effect on small businesses.

My favorite local radio host, Michael Berry, is a huge proponent of small business and entrepreneurs in general. I love listening to the stories of businesses—how they start, survive and thrive. I am a child of entrepreneurs and I clearly inherited the gene as well. I am constantly dreaming up business ideas and have followed through on a couple of them. It is absolutely exhilarating to bring a business from concept to reality. I can never go back to working in a traditional environment again.

I co-owned then was a solo owner of a yarn shop from 2005 – 2017. It was both the best and the worst of times. We survived the economic downturn of 2008 as well as the ups and downs of the oil industry from our suburban Houston location. I made the painful decision to close the shop in May of 2017. I no longer could support the overhead of the shop much less purchase new merchandise in an ever changing industry. It was one of the most painful experiences of my life. My dream and all the work died a slow painful death. I grieved for two full years before being able to move forward.

This is why, with every current small business interview Michael Berry does, my wound is reopened just a little more. The interviews shine a light on the humanity behind the results of the local management of Covid 19. The decisions being made by politicians at both the state and local level are strangling the life blood from small businesses.

I believe that, for reasons that have little to do with public health, the shutdowns, stay home, red yellow green warning systems, doomsday predictions by a very small number of people in the medical/scientific community are designed to control and frighten the populous prior to the November election.

I believe the consequences are far more detrimental to our country as a whole than the virus itself. When all we hear day in and day out how cases of Covid 19 are sky rocketing in certain areas of the country, it is easy for the imagination to go crazy and fear take over the lives of otherwise level-headed people.

I believe that politicians of both parties are power hungry and will do whatever special interest groups want them to do to manipulate and control the governed.

I believe the silent majority needs to vote for freedom in November.

I believe that there are people of all colors, creeds and religions in this country who are tired of the power and manipulation of the elite.

I believe all voters deserve the government of their choosing not what the unions, special interest groups, lobbyists, and the mega wealthy influencers choose for them.

I believe that the only way this can happen can permanently happen is to have a constitutional amendment to institute term limits.

I believe that the government control being exerted over our lives will not go back to “normal” after this is over unless those who share some or all of my beliefs speak up with words and their vote. We can no longer be silent lest we risk loosing the United States of America forever.

Until tomorrow…please support your local small business. They aren’t rich they are trying to pay their bills, feed their children and pay employees to do the same.

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